Total Client Satisfaction by providing excellent medical coding, billing service through secure, compliant and clear information. Thriving for 97-99% collection reimbursement. Continued education and assistance to healthcare providers. Sparing time to focus on their business and patient care.


  • High reimbursement  levels: to be one of the few if any companies that guarantees accurate and highest level of reimbursement possible.
  • Customized management solutions: approach each client with solutions specific to their needs, often investing significant time and resources to “rectify” existing issues, recover lost payments and ensure that the group is operating at maximum efficiency and in compliance providing software as well as consulting solutions.
  • Rigorous quality assurance: All of our processes go through several layers of checks. We audit insurance billing to ensure no mistakes have been made so that the healthcare provider can feel protected and focus more on the practice of medicine.
  • Highly trained professionals: To stands above its competition with the most highly trained personnel. The company invests heavily in training and most of its employees must have several industry certifications including BCSC, CPC, and CCA The company also provide continued education and training to its team members to maintain the skills and knowledge base of its clients.
  • Internal IT development: Establishing its own medical software development operation to develop highly intuitive, easy to use and effective software tools, as part of its service operation. It employees dozens of highly trained and qualified programmers. Have developed most of the components of a turnkey system, coding, billing, reimbursement, auditing and compliance.
  • Medical provider-centric software: to design software by and for physicians and other medical industry groups to access their data 24/7. Allows them to have a real time window on their reimbursement, receivables and other financial issues. Sparing time to focus on their business and patient care.