Credentialing Service

Credentialing Fees for Individuals Providers and Facilities
  • As an experienced credentialing service company, We work with great efficiency to get our clients enrolled in various insurance companies and negotiate existing participating agreements.
  • We handle credentialing for all healthcare specialties, including enrollment for Urgent care, IDTF, Optic centers, Pharmacy licensure Civil surgeon registration, multistate contracting, and closed panels.
  • Our company understands the credentialing process, rules and regulations of different insurance organizations as well as the complex provider credentialing requirements. We are familiar with the industry and procedures, which allows us to navigate the provider credentialing process in order to achieve quick and positive results.
  • By serving various types of medical practitioners, we have established strong, long-term connections and personal relationships with numerous provider enrolment representatives in many insurances. As a result, we are able to save you time and money on what could otherwise be a lengthy credentialing process.
  • We will provide timely results. Moreover, we simplify the credentialing process for you by eliminating aggravation and stress. We guarantee results for every provider.
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