Frequently Ask Questions

When a claim is denied by the payers, how is the issue resolved?
We don’t take “no” for an answer and we’re accustomed to the diversity of denials from insurance companies.  Whether an insurance error or misleading patient data, we understand the process of working through denied claims within the designated time frame to ensure the highest reimbursement possible for your practice.
Can any of my staff access billings , claim, or patient informations from my home computer?
Yes, We offers the use of our individual PMBOS program for your personal computer, in which, all of your practice’s information including billing, claims and patient is accessible.  Our programs can also create appointment schedules, and provide access to useful information such as insurances’ and contact lists.
How do I get invoiced?
Our clients are invoiced on a bi-weekly schedule for all payments received prior to last invoice. Invoices are e-mailed, faxed or sent with our pick-up service, one week prior to the payment due date. Clients are able to pay invoices by check or through a securely electronic transaction using PayPal or Stripe.
Do we have a compliance plan?
We have a fully developed effective compliance plan consistent with CMS, by the U.S. Department of Health Services. Our plan is based on “Professional requirements for service bureau per Title 18 – Department of Health Rules and Regulations” (Section 504.9 – Service bureaus). If your practice is currently using a billing company, we highly recommend reviewing their compliance plan.  Medical billing companies working without a compliance plan may leave the door open for problems that can significantly impact your practice’s operations.
What types of reportings does yours company provide for my practice? Can reports be customized?
We provides a number of customized reports based on client needs. Some of the customized reports include: average, patient responsibility, 1099 amount by insurance and payment provider within a practice.  Our standard reports include: amount of claims billed within a certain time frame, claim & notes, outstanding details, total visits and processed claims. Standard reporting of the billing and collection activities are provided on a weekly basis.
How many peoples will be handling my account?
A typical practice will have three account representatives that handle billing, collection, communications, reporting and all other issues concerning the practice. In addition to the account representatives, a group consisting of the billing department manager, team supervisor an technical personnel will monitor as well as enforce proper work performance for your practice.
How long does it take to set up all information and begin the billing process?
It takes one to three days to set up a new client in our program. Moreover, to begin submitting claims to Medicare, the process takes approximately seven days to set you up with our submitter Id. To bill Medicaid takes approximately two days, commercial insurances may be billed right after.
Are credentialing and billing service part of one service?
Our credentialing and billing services are two separate contracted services; although, if you decide to use our billing services, credentialing services will be priced at a special promotional fee.
How does this Benefit our Practice?
An expert second opinion will ensure you are maximizing revenue and minimizing common mistakes that could result in suspension of insurances or a medical license.
How does your company assures the security & availability of the softwares and the practice’s data?
Your security is of critical importance to us.  Your practice information is kept securely and will always be backed securely. During the day, including weekends and holidays, the computer sever automatically generates back-up files At the end of  the day, the last back up file is automatically written to a data CD.  In addition to, at the end of each week, the last back-up file is automatically written to a CD stored in a fire-proof facility.  Your data is accessible at any time. Data in our PMBOS program is securely stored and no one has access unless they are authorized by the client or the company. We do not share your information with any outside party and everyone on our staff signs a confidentially agreement.
How many team members in your company?
The team consists of 80 hardworking people that are dedicated to helping your practice by improving your reimbursement rates, easing your workload and giving you more time to see patients. Professionals on the team include: certified professional coders, medical billers, collectors, credentialing specialists, HIPPA compliance officers, IT specialists and a management team that oversees the productivity along with the quality of the staff’s performance.
Is there a contract that I must sign in order to begin working with yours/ours company? If I am not satisfied, can I terminate my contract?
There is a standard contract to protect our terms and conditions. If you find that you are unsatisfied with our services, you can terminate your contract with us with no problem. A 30 day notice is required prior to the official termination date.
Will A Second Opinion Help Increase Practice Revenue?
If your claims are being denied, you could be leaving many thousands of revenue dollars on the table every year. A Second Opinion helps multi-location, multi-specialty practices and single office providers analyze billing practices, identify errors, and make changes to regain revenue.
Can I Audit Both Outside Billers and Internal Management?
Every medical practice should be auditing its billing practices annually. Coding errors, inadequate record keeping, incomplete submissions, and illegal shortcuts leave a practice vulnerable for an insurance audit. Make sure everyone involved with billing, both internal staff and outside vendors, is staying up-to-date, keeping comprehensive records and complying with the latest rules and regulations for each insurer.
Is there any sign up fee to begin the billing process?
There are no set up fees to begin working with us.