Change Management

Our simple and proven methodology can shift your Revenue Cycle Management significantly. Fault identifications and Correction of Process Our experts play an active role in identifying errors and rectifying them to smooth the process.  We have designed tailored toolkits and surveys to rapidly collect and evaluate process. We apply specific solutions to the problems identified through our evaluation system. Our subject matter experts develop detailed policies and procedures by extracting your existing process knowledge base to smooth your transition period.                              Moreover, we ensure 100% success in the transfer of knowledge by engaging in periodic calibrations.


We prefer to set up an entire transparent working environment to deliver client services. We offer our clients an insight into our operations and  achieve transparency into AMCB operations. Our experienced account management team engages with you on regular basis to make sure that our delivery is aligned to devotions and expectations.


Aspiring for excellence

We are committed and passionate to provide exceptional quality services to our clients at AMCB. Our leadership tackles challenges faced at the individual and collective level with the right tools and techniques. Our aim is to proactively deal issues and to enhance the overall quality and efficiency of work.
  • Drive New and Effective Operational Efficiency
  • Service Legal Agreement SLA Audits
  • Six-Sigma Approach
  • Fundamental Statistical Principles
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Documentation Processes
  • Better visibility to KPIs
  • Improve RCM Outcomes
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