Auditing Service

The service helps to identify risk areas leading to upcoding or downcoding, verification if any abusive or fraudulent billing exists on practice.
  • To make sure that everything is correct with your medical records, claims, and super bills.
  • Correct diagnoses, procedures, duration, and units were coded.
  • Have an analysis of denials/duplicate billing/appeal process/modifiers usage.
  • Teach your staff to work with PHI (Protected Health Information) in compliance with HIPAA and
  • Conduct front desk work review, for example.
    • Eligibility/benefits/patient responsibility.
    • Deductible, copay and coinsurance verification.
    • Authorization process.
    • Coordination of benefits.
Even if you do not use Our Service Bureau billing services, you will benefit from our auditing/training sessions.                                                                               Contact Us