Account Receivable Service (ARS)

Accounts Receivable Management has a significant role in maintaining cash flow in healthcare. AMCB understands its importance in medical billing therefore; consider ARM imperative for your healthcare business. With our experienced AR management team and effective services, we offer entire solutions to address problems and improve your business’ cash flows. We help reduce Accounts Receivable days and aim at accelerating cash flows therefore outsourcing ARS to us gives you a significant difference in your accounts receivable. We efficiently handle cash flows by submitting
  • Complete and clean medical claims
  • Accurate and error free analysis of denied claim
  • Follow-ups with patients and insurance companies on regular basis for outstanding claims and dues
  • Simple and Easy Payment solutions for patients for outstanding claims and dues.
AMCB aims to recover the funds owed to the client expeditiously. Our Accounts Receivable Management services include:

Follow up with third party payers

The lack of check and follow-up on outstanding claims and dues with the insurance companies has significantly impacted the revenue of Medical Billing companies’ and Healthcare Providers. Therefore, AMCB has designed effective AR follow-up services to make sure timely follow-up on the outstanding claims and dues for reimbursement. Our AR management team constantly monitors Account Receivables’ and ultimately ensures that all the outstanding claims and dues are reimbursed. Old receivables Clean UP AMCB embark on rectifying old Accounts Receivables. We have observed that there is an accumulation of unsolved Accounts Receivables due to many reasons including lack of proper AR follow-up. Therefore, we evaluate the accounts and develop the best strategies to deal with specific issues. Hence, strategies are designed and executed in a way that helps you make the most of the AR collections and reduce bad debts.
  • Client Satisfaction
Our experienced AR Management team completely understands your organizational needs and therefore, work diligently to assist you in the attainment of your Accounts Receivable (AR) goals.
  • Happy Client
We prefer excellent client services therefore, work tirelessly to identify and recognize the main cause for the Accounts Receivable backlogs. We prefer to eliminate the problem at its base and help to enhance your end-to-end RCM process.
  • Best And Improved Practices
We work effectively to determine weak areas in your current AR Process and upgrade them by incorporating our best practices. Also, constantly targeting and measuring areas to advance the system.
  • Proactive Strategy 
We follow this approach to prevent the problem before its starts to occur. This allows us to anticipate early and identify the errors in the Revenue Cycle. Therefore, we work assiduously on rectifying those errors and to minimize the Accounts Receivables backlog.
  • Advance Technology
Our cost-effective solutions and advance Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology helps to eradicates errors and reduce your cost associated with the process.
  • Six-Sigma Quality
We understand the importance of quality and its contribution in any services. Therefore, we have adopted Six-Sigma quality management approach in our audit process to help you to attain better and improved results.

How we train?

Prior to position our people on work, we ensure that our employees have incorporated the skills and knowledge required to competently perform the tasks. Our experts ensure that our people are well-trained because we believe that intricate knowledge of system and process is the key to deliver improved and quality services. Moreover, we have built a foundation of learning and ensure to give our employees regular training on advanced revenue cycle processes. While People Signify A Critical Part Within The System, Equally Vital Are Our Process And Advance Technology. See How We Leverage Our Other Valuble Assets To Enable Optimal Performance. Contact Us