About Us.

Ameri Medical Coding & Billing (Amcb)        service Inc. USA is for Total Client                                           Satisfaction by

providing excellent medical coding, billing  service. Thriving for 97-99% collection           reimbursement.

  • Ameri Medical Coding & Billing (Amcb) Service Inc. USA offers hospitals and physician practices a comprehensive product portfolio of fully integrated clinical, revenue cycle and practice management solutions and other related business services to make sure that everything is correct with your medical records, claims, super bills. Correct diagnoses, procedures, duration, and units were coded. Continued education and assistance to healthcare providers. Saving time to focus on their business and patient care.
  • Our related business services enable our clients to successfully meet regulatory challenges and prosper in a continually changing healthcare industry environment. We consistently innovate to keep pace with a global healthcare environment that enables transformational change in healthcare through technology.