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Working with Ameri enables you to stop leaking potential revenue , and start generating the money you should be from your practice  

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  • According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 42% of           claims are coded incorrectly.

  • Practices lose up to 66% of their               revenue annually due to coding        and billing errors.

  • U.S. Medical Practices forfeit nearly $ 125 billion annually due to errors in billing practices.

  • 97-99% collection reimbursement is our service standard.

Medical Coding & Billing Service
                                                                                              Our highly trained experts always stay current with the latest trends in medical coding and billing services to advance your overall coding efficiency that will help to improve your revenue as well.
Electronic Medical Record
The traditional method to record medical data is now replaced with a digital version called Electronic medical record (EMR). These EMRs are designed to facilitate individuals to represent a digital medical record within a single facility, For instance doctors’ offices or a clinic.
Medical Coding & Billing Certific-ation Prep Courses
Certification course taught by certified instructors to give you in-depth knowledge on the subject. Also, we include webinars and videos with latest and crucial information for the coding and billing community.
Earn as you Learn
Join our on line certification prep course and secure your job Now.
  • Join as Billing Officer, start earning and learning for Coding & Billing Specialist Certification.
  • Get your fee back after one year of post certification service.

Essentials for Certification

The completion of Medical Billing and Coding prep course will enable the student;

  1. To understand the various tasks and ethics required for a medical coder to be successful in this profession. 
  2. Builds not only a vocabulary of medical terminology, but also guides to use it accurately to describe human anatomy, physiology and pathology of body systems.
  3. Demonstrate billing procedures and guidelines for medical/surgical, inpatient medical, and minor surgical procedures, and inpatient/outpatient
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